Churches need to be actively engaged in gender justice issues

12 May 2017
Judith Nyawanda from Kenya. Photo: Thole Mpatso
Judith Nyawanda from Kenya. Photo: Thole Mpatso
LWF Women’s Pre-Assembly attendees say advocating for the rights and safety of women and children are top priority

“It’s sad that we chose to live in societies with widening gender-based violence and child trafficking, yet we can prevent these issues,” reflects Judith Nyawanda, delegate from the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Nyawanda participated in the Women’s Pre-Assembly where discussions included human rights, child trafficking and gender-based violence. She learned about the widening issue of child trafficking and shared her concern around child abduction for sexual and labor exploitation. From the knowledge she acquired throughout the discussions, Nyawanda looks forward to designing and implementing an informative campaign about child trafficking in her church.

Rev. Elizabeth Fekadu, Evangelical Church of Mekane Yesus in Ethiopia, says children are the world’s future generation; advocating for their rights and safety should be a top priority.

Elizabeth Fekadu from Ethiopia. Photo: Thole Mpatso
Elizabeth Fekadu from Ethiopia. Photo: Thole Mpatso

“Gender based violence is yet another growing issue that we need to fight right from the church. Our traditional cultures are some of the forces behind gender-based violence,” says Fekadu, who add that the church can play a role in addressing these issues.

Kathrin Wallrabe, delegate from Evangelical Lutheran Church in Saxony, Germany, says men should also join the campaign against gender injustice out of concern for their daughters, sisters, and female relatives. “Active gender justice policy is a basic topic that should be reviewed and approved by the Twelfth Assembly,” she says.

“It’s time for us to aggressively advocate against the growing issue right from our homes, churches, national and international level,” adds Nyawanda, who wishes for strong policies to address gender injustice.

LWF/Shamim Nalubega and Elizabeth Lobulu (ALCINET)

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