Public Statement on Venezuela

1) Deeply concerned and moved by news that has been conveyed to us about the grave situation in Venezuela, the Assembly calls upon Venezuelan society to:

2) Build a society where everyone is included, notwithstanding their differences;

3) Recognize and make use of the important symbolic and legal resources that they have already created and endorsed, such as the 1999 constitution;

4) Review, and if necessary, rectify economic policies, seeking to control inflation, promote production and ensure that people’s basic needs are met; and

5) Request the government to facilitate the receipt of contributions from abroad, especially medicines and food.

6) The Assembly: 

- Calls on Venezuelan society to take seriously the consequences of its actions in the context of a growing aggression in global politics; 

- Affirms that the government cannot use growing aggression as a justification for denying unrestricted guarantees of the human rights of all people;

- Affirms the implementation of socio-political conflict resolution mechanisms, which are available within the framework of democracy.

- Affirms that conflict resolution mechanisms will require all parties to fundamentally rethink the view they have of themselves and the other, in order to transform the currently polarized debate into one about the people’s common interests and objectives.

7) The Assembly calls upon the LWF and its member churches to:

- Assist the Venezuelan people in whatever ways appropriate and available; and

- Continue to pray for the people and the situation. 

8) The Assembly calls upon the Communion Office to organize an ecumenical visit to the churches in Venezuela.