Subsidies, fees and payment details


Applications for subsidies have closed.

Financial information

Subsidized participants pay only the registration fee of EUR 120 per person, preferably paid in advance.

We strongly encourage you to settle your registration and meals costs before the Assembly, in order to avoid on-site cash transactions, as well as registration delays. Please contact for further information.

You will see below the cost of Safari Hotel bookings.

Summary of costs

Single occupancy
Single classic rooms - EUR 90
Single business rooms - EUR 80
Single standard rooms - EUR 80

Shared - price per person   
Single classic rooms - EUR 60
Single business rooms - EUR 40
Single standard rooms - EUR 40

Dinner – price per dinner - EUR 20

Registration fee (includes coffee breaks and lunch) - EUR 120

Participants attending the entire Assembly will be charged all seven evening meals for the duration of their stay (May 9 to 16, as May 10 is paid for by the LWF).The hotel will only cater for the group as a whole.

If possible, we would like to invoice participants prior to the Assembly, in order to avoid on-site cash transactions, especially for large groups. Should you require an invoice, please send your request to:

For day visitors, the cost will be EUR 20 for each lunch and each dinner. Coffee breaks will be free of charge. Please settle your meal bill each day with the on-site Finance Office.

On-site: cash payment in EUR, USD or NAD only.

An ATM cash dispenser is available at the Safari.

All hotel bills other than those of the Safari and Arrebush must be settled prior to check-out.

Payment details

Settlement of any Assembly-related matter can be made through one of the following bank accounts:

Rue des Noirettes 35
Case Postale 2600
CH-1211 Geneva 2

USD Global account: 240-327070.61W         IBAN: CH13 0024 0240 3270 7061 W
EUR Global account: 240-327070.60Z          IBAN: CH13 0024 0240 3270 7060 Z


UBS Deutschland AG
Postfach 102042
D- 60020 Frankfurt a. Main

EUR account: 2057091015                           IBAN: DE21 5022 0085 2057 0910 15

The third option being payment through our website.

In any case, please ensure you email our accountant: with the details of your transactions. She will need the reason for the transfer (Assembly fee, registration fee, etc. with names, if available).

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