Practical Information

Advice to help ensure the Assembly is enjoyable and productive

This section contains a wealth of advice and instruction for attendees. From the purpose of an Assembly to practical considerations, such as visas, accommodation, security and COVID-19 measures, we want to ensure the Assembly is smooth-running and that attendees get the most out of their experience.

LWF Youth Pre-Assembly at the Heja Game Lodge. Photo: LWF/JC Valeriano

LWF Youth Pre-Assembly at the Heja Game Lodge. Photo: LWF/JC Valeriano

The single most significant event in the LWF calendar, the Thirteenth Assembly will take place in the Polish city of Kraków. We are pleased to be hosted by the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland and thank the church for its hospitality.

The Assembly is preceded by the four regional pre-Assemblies, and the women, men and youth pre-Assemblies, which reflect the diversity of the LWF communion and address issues pertinent to each: the four regions, women and youth. The Assembly itself convenes from September 13 to 19, 2023.

In addition to being responsible for the LWF Constitution, the Assembly gives general direction to the work of the LWF, elects the President and Council, and acts on the reports of the President, the General Secretary and Chair of the Finance Committee. The Assembly itself is a rich program of worship, plenary sessions, visits, LWF market place and the production of Assembly outcomes, statements and messages.

Around 355 official delegates are expected. In addition, representatives from associate members, ecumenical guests, official presenters, advisors, ex officio participants, volunteers and staff will be present. As the most representative expression of the communion and its principal authority, the logistical challenge of such an event cannot be understated.

The pages in this section are designed to provide as much practical information as possible. Although not exhaustive, the main areas of interest include Assembly registration, visas and accommodation in Poland, the code of conduct and complaints mechanism, and security and Covid-19 measures.

We wish all delegates and participants a joyful and rewarding Assembly.

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